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I'll know for sure when I can compare Sony's new LCD TVs and Samsung's QLEDs with LG's 2016 and 2017 OLED models in the lab. In the meantime I can compare their prices as far as I know. Sony high-end 2017 LCD TVs vs. LG OLED TVs Size "Wallpaper" $8,000 Of course, all of those prices are basically starting bids, and as always I expect them to fall throughout the year. The 2016 Sony XBR-65X930D , for example, was introduced at $5,000 and fell all the way to $1,800 on February 4 according to price tracking site camelcamelcamel . That's a drop of 64 percent, and includes a massive cut of $1,500 very early in its lifespan. If the same thing happens with its 2017 successor, the XBR-65X930E may get as low as $1,500. I'll be surprised if LG's 2017 65-inch OLED TVs ever get that low. The moral, as always with TV shopping, is to wait until at least the Black Friday time if you want the best price. Sweet picture-quality specs and Google smarts The 2016 X930D was one of the best-performing TV we tested in 2016 , and the high-end Z9D (which I haven't tested yet) is widely thought to be one of the best LCD TVs ever made, so Sony's new 2017 models have a great picture-quality pedigree. The main difference between the X900E series above and the two more expensive X930E sets is their local-dimming backlight scheme .

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